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If you are on this page, it means that Nevada West Financial has purchased your loan. We are here to assist you in continuing to successfully managing your loan and our Customer Service Representatives are available to serve you 6 days a week. We would also like to take this opportunity to advise you of some important requirements for keeping your auto loan with Nevada West Financial in good standing.


We have several payment options available:

  1. Automatic/Recurring Payments can be set up with your debit card, or automatic ACH payments can be set up using your checking account and routing numbers. There is no fee for automatic payments.

  2. Online, you can make payments online by setting up and creating your account. There is a $4.95 fee for each payment processed.

  3. PayNearMe, if you would like to pay with cash we can send a barcode to your cell phone. This code can be used at a variety of locations such as CVS or 7-11, the clerk will scan the barcode and process your payment. The in-store service is only available for cash payments, but you can use your debit card at the PayNearMe website. Please note that there is a $3.99 fee for every payment processed up to $1000.

  4. Pay by Phone, if you are having difficulty using any of the options above, you can always give us a call. Please note there is a $4.95 fee for each payment processed over the phone.


Maintaining your contact information is part of your loan agreement. Should there be any changes to your contact information (telephone number, address, and/or email), we must be notified immediately. To update your information, you can contact us by telephone or email us accountservices@nevadawestfinancial.com.


You must maintain full comprehensive and collision insurance on your vehicle at all times with maximum deductibles of $500. You should immediately contact your current insurance company to change the lienholder to Nevada West Financial. You must notify us within 24 hours if you change insurance providers or of any changes to that have been made to your policy. If you do change insurance providers, you must list Nevada West Financial as the lienholder on the new policy. To update your insurance, you can contact us either by telephone or by email insurance@nevadawestfinancial.com.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns and welcome to the Nevada West Financial family.

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